Flying Dutchman Liquor Store - Nassau, Island of New Providence, The Bahamas Island Wines and Spirits

Online liquor store in The Bahamian Islands with finest local & imported wines, rums, tobacco, spirits & liquor at reasonable prices.

Offers Spirits - Local and Imported products available in Nassau, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Eleuthera in The Bahamas.

  • Local and Imported Rum Products

  • Brandy Products

  • Cognac Products

  • Gin Products

  • Vodka Products

  • Tequila Products

  • Whiskey Products

  • Vermouth Products

  • Aperitif Products

  • Sherry Products

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Local and Imported Wines

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  • American wines Product

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  • French wines Product

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  • South American wines Product

  • Spanish Wines Product

  • Wine Coolers Product

Local and Imported Beer and Other Products

  • Beer Product

  • Malt Tonic Product

  • Stout Product

  • Cocktail Mixes Product

  • Sodas Product

  • Energy Drinks Product

  • Cider Product

  • Juices Product

  • Water Product

  • Local and Imported Cigarettes

Who we are

The Flying Dutchman Liquor Store is named after the fabled sea captain known for being a trader of specialty rums.

We are proud to continue that tradition today by supplying specialty rums and spirits to our patrons. Our collection includes the finest local and imported liquor, all sold at reasonable prices.

The Flying Dutchman began in the heart of Nassau at our location on Wellington Street, Baillou Hill Road. We now have locations in Cable Beach, on Carmichael Road, on Prince Charles Drive and coming soon to Yamacraw Hill Rd.

Log in or register an account with us to see our diverse collection of wines, and other hard-to-find spirits. We offer door-to-door delivery and site-to-shop pickups.

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