Our Story - The Flying Dutchman

Admired as one of the most revered captains of all time, little is known about the true identity of The Flying Dutchman. To this day, his real name remains a mystery. It is believed he safeguarded his name to protect his family from those he defeated on the open seas. Since he was Dutch, most called him the Dutchman and thought him to be a cold-blooded robber and plunderer of many a ship. But he was more of a cunning opportunist who took advantage of the overconfidence of cutthroat pirates. These seafaring thugs commonly mistook the tattered, ghostly appearance of his Man O' War ship for a crew on its last leg. They would boldly cast snare lines and, without resistance, secured the Dutchman's ship to their own. This led them to believe the ragged ship's booty would be easily taken. However, once the invaders boarded they quickly realized their error of judgment. They were right where the Dutchman wanted them - his crew was big, fit and skilled at protecting their treasures. The raiders would be overpowered, disarmed and sent back from whence they came less all their booty and treasures.

The Dutchman's shrewd battle skills and willingness to show mercy to those who surrendered won him respect. So much so, that many he bested in battle would swear allegiance to him, living to sail with him to the ends of the earth in search of the best treasures. As for those who did not surrender, it is rumored they ended up in Davy Jones locker, adding fuel to the legend that those who went against the "Ghost Ship" were doomed, never to be seen again. Despite this ominous reputation, the Dutchman knew those he beat would continue to have vengeance in their hearts, so to avoid being snared in a trap he never settled in any given port more than a few hours. The speed at which the Dutchman came and went led to his moniker, the "Flying Dutchman."

As the years went by, the Flying Dutchman and his crew grew tired of outwitting, out fighting and out running others on the open seas. So they began looking for a base from where they could more securely conduct commerce. Around the mid-18th century they found that sanctuary in the warm shallow seas of The Bahamas with its clear, turquoise waters. The location was a natural fit as a place to call home and good-natured locals were always ready to raise a cheer to the good life. While in The Bahamas, the Flying Dutchman amassed a staggering collection of treasures and liquors and became the world's foremost trader of specialty rums. Though his liquors were what traders initially came for, they kept coming back because the Flying Dutchman made all visitors feel welcomed. He knew all too well the toll of living on the sea. So when people landed in Nassau, the Flying Dutchman and his crew would break out the best they had to offer. Drinks, laughter, music, cigars and tales would flow - literally stoking a celebration of commerce and comradery. It proved to be a wise approach. The once feared sea captain used his cunning skills to develop a reputation as a magnanimous host to weary travelers. He understood the importance of combining service with an experience and his Bahamas trade port became a favorite stop on every merchant's route.

The Flying Dutchman Liquor Stores are built on this great legacy of service and selection. The company's motto, Serving You Since The 18th Century, speaks to our commitment to continuing The Flying Dutchman's mission of providing the best wines and spirits. At the Flying Dutchman we ensure our customers feel welcomed and taken care of from the moment you walk in to any of our locations or as you shop from the comforts of your home.

After all, we don't view the Flying Dutchman liquor store simply as a destination but as a continuation of an amazing story started centuries ago!

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