Australian wines

Australian wines ranks sixth in the world in wine production and as of March 2010 were the fourth-biggest exporter of wine, with valued billions of Australian dollars.

Australia has long been at the forefront of the 'New World' wine renaissance, with a highly dedicated and professional industry based on research and development. Both Australia and the global wine industry have benefited from the technological advancements in wine-growing made by organizations such as the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI). The country's contribution to revolutionizing vineyard management practices is also second to none.

The vast landscape of the land, with its enormous range of climatic and geographical conditions, makes it one of the most versatile wine-growing countries in the world. Overall, the climate is affected by its southerly latitude, but regional features such as altitude and proximity to the oceans also play a significant role.

Australian Wine is fashioned in all of nation’s six states, but the immense hold is made in the southeast, in New South Wales, Victoria and predominantly South of Australia. Australia's wine portfolio is almost as complete as one can imagine, and includes cult wines based on its very own Shiraz, southern Rhone-style blends, classic fruit-forward aromatics led by Riesling from the Eden and Clare Valleys, highly praised Chardonnay with or without barrel influence, self-effacing but delicious Hunter Valley Semillon, heavy and complex fortified and dessert wines, and world-class sparkling wines.

Many of its brands have a strong international presence, as do its well-trained and well-qualified wine professionals, who have spread their expertise to many corners of the world. Overall, Australia has a well-established and highly regarded wine industry which has set new benchmarks in quality wine production. With continued technological advancements and individual endeavors, these standards are expected to achieve even greater heights. Flying Ducthman has a wide array of australian wines in stocks in the Bahamas.


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