Tasting Notes:

Nose: A very bold aroma so typical of Jamaican rum with heavily sweetened fermented fruit on a molasses base, and top notes of orange peel and banana. The intense fruitiness may not be refined but it does beg to be tasted.

Neat: A drier entry than the nose suggests, and a whole lot lighter as well. After an initial hit of banana, the deeper stewed and fermented dark fruits build along with the molasses sweetness.  Plenty of vanilla and a touch of citrus add depth and whilst the slightly flat finish combined with a rough edge or two holds it short of being a sipping rum, the huge flavour profile makes it a strong cocktail candidate.

Mixing: The bold flavours and intense sweet fruit profile of this rum means that it works best in cocktails that include a citrus element to cut through and offer balance.  As such a Daiquiri is a decent place to start and a successful alternative to the traditional white rum base.  The acidity of the pineapple in the signature Jamaican Breeze (recipe below) offers a similar effect and the spice of the ginger also adds an additional layer of flavour that is well received.  This rum is less successful in sweeter drinks such as an Old Fashioned where it has a tendency to become a little sickly and needing of too much bitters to balance. Longer drinks such as the Anejo Highball soften some of the rougher edges and make this a decent offering for such simple serves.
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